///Love for Flow Competition 2018: Round 1 – “Love Is In The Air” Results

Love for Flow Competition 2018: Round 1 – “Love Is In The Air” Results

For Round 1 of our Love for Flow Competition, everyone goes through to the next round…”Elements”.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the flow artists that entered the competition.  You are all amazingly talented and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next round!

The judges’ scores are in, and we have published the results below:

Theme Alignment

Overall Flow

Video Compilation

Sarah Kate Cummins Sarah Kate Cummins Yolande Beukman
Rene Olivier Erica Nielsen Jeffrey Munks
Erica Nielsen Rene Olivier Sarah Kate Cummins
Yolande Beukman Yolande Beukman Erica Nielsen
Jeffrey Munks Jeffrey Munks Rene Olivier


You can read more about each contestant and watch their first round video’s below.

The Judges

We have some amazing Judges who have volunteered to help us out with making sure the selection process is fair.  Below is some information on each of them:

Steven Mullins

Steven Mullins

Steven is probably one of the most known flow artists in the Cape Town area.  Our own local Flow celebrity!  If you’ve met Steven you’ll know all about his extensive collection of flow toys.  Last time we checked it was around 22 unique different toys!  Steven has also graciously offered a Photo shoot through Manipulating Light for the winner – valued at R2000!

Tippy (Ki Yay)


Originally from Baltimore, Tippy came to South Africa as an Exchange Student who brought a whole new influence to the local flow artists. When she came back to Port Elizabeth in another exchange programme in 2016, she started up The Port Elizabeth Circus Society and weekly spin jams are still happening at Happy Valley.  She plays with hoops, fans, double staff and a whole lot more.

The Fiery Pixies

The Fiery Pixies

These two people are just absolutely inspirational to anyone that knows them.  Travelling Asia and sharing the love of flow through working with kids and performing all over, they are an example to us all!  You can read more about their travels and experiences on their website here.

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Wayne Barham is the owner/manager of the Connect and Flow site. Connect and Flow was set up to explore and share conscious products that have helped change my families life. I call it "tweaking". Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

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