Besides the fact that we think EVERYONE should hoop because its fun, we also have a long list of reasons why its something you should consider giving a chance 😉

For the Mind…

Hooping is moving meditation. It creates a safe space where it is just you and the hoop. This allows your mind to be still for a bit.

A theory  is that the hoop creates physical and energetic spiralling movements around a conscious center (you).  So when we step into the center of the hoop with conscious intent of spiritual connection, physical mastery or creative brainstorming, and then release our focus into the vortex of the hoop, the dance will transform your desires, ideas, intentions and visions, and from within yourself will bloom forth the concepts or ideas to lead you on the next route of your journey.

For the Body…

Hooping is known to

  • Strengthen the core
  • Increase flexibility of the body and spine
  • Increase blood flow to the brain
  • Increase energy levels
  • Strengthen the waist, hips and knees
  • Tone arm and leg muscles
  • Promote functions of our vital organs
  • Strengthen the torso muscles
  • Plus it burns unwanted fat in the midriff and help tighten the stomach

Who needs the gym!

Making Hooping Fun

For the Soul…

Hooping is silly and fun, and it gives everyone the chance to play like a kid again.  It makes you laugh at yourself and with others – Pretty good medicine for the soul!

An excerpt from a Sacred Circularities Newsletter 12.20.11 summed it up for us nicely:

We use the hoop to create spin; a circular force in the universe and in our lives, that produces energy. With the power of our hearts, we channel that energy into pure joy and creativity. The channelling process is fuelled less by the mind and more by the heart. Indeed, hooping is part of an alchemical recipe that alters and transforms our bodies, minds, and spirits toward positive projection/expression whether we are mentally aware of it or not.

All we have to do is commit to the practice:

Get in the Hoop.  Step on the Mat.  Open your heart.  Stillness. Movement.  Breath.

This is one of the ways that hula hooping relates to other mind-body-spirit practices like yoga, ecstatic dance, and tai-chi.  When you feel this force, and it begins to work on you, the impossible becomes possible. You have hope again. You believe that the world can be a better place and that your spinning with a hoop is critical input toward that goal.

For us, hooping is a sweet trance that through practice, transports the body and inspires the mind to produce thoughts and feelings that support your health and well-being. When I am well, I am more able to love myself and therefore, to love you and to see and appreciate our connectedness.


Hooping is for absolutely everybody.  No matter your age, your profession, your size or gender!