Love for Flow – Rene Olivier

Watch Rene’s video themed “Elements” above as her entry to Round 2 of our Love for Flow Video Competition! 

Get to know Rene a little better below:

How long have you been flowing?

Well, I’ve been flowing for just over 2 years now.

What is your favourite flow toy?

My fave toy is a hoop

How has the flow arts influenced / impacted your life?

Only positively.  Physically it completely changed the way I look and feel.  I feel healthier and lighter and it has changed my outlook on what the human being is capable of. We are capable of anything we put our minds to if we practice enough and have a positive ‘i can do it and I bloody will do it’ attitude.  The sky is the limit and nothing is impossible. Thats what hooping taught me.  It has opened doors to dance, freed me from being shy and ashamed and made me feel safe.  It’s a doorway to expression and a gift I get to share until I am an old lady in a rocking chair one day. lol.

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Round 2 Entry: Elements

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