Love for Flow – Sarah Kate Cummins

Watch Sarah’s video themed “Elements” above as her entry to Round 2 of our Love for Flow Video Competition! 

Get to know her a little better below:

How long have you been flowing?

I’ve been hooping for about 5 years. 

What is your favourite flow toy?

Hoops! But I love learning new toys!

How has the flow arts influenced / impacted your life?

Flow has impacted my life in so many incredible ways! It saved me countless times from anxiety and depression. It made me feel like I was creating art again, when making art was so difficult at times. It allowed me to escape into a world of freedom and happiness that no one could understand. I would hoop for hours by myself behind some bushes in a park in Dublin where no one could watch me. That was pure freedom. It connected me to my body and allowed me to feel confident in myself, and when I was ready to show people my new skills it made them smile and laugh. It’s just amazing.

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Round 1 Entry: Love for Flow

Round 2 Entry: Elements

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