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We have partnered with various Local Artists to bring you a little closer to some of our community products!  

Below is a short introduction to some of the Local Artists we have partnered with and a preview of the community products you can find available in-store.

community products available in-store only



Marz Psy-wear

She loves creating beautiful, colourful, creative and comfortable dance clothing with interesting tie dye and print effects. It is amazing to see how clothing can change the mood of a person.   Request more information re custom made community product orders In-Store.



Flow DNA

Stocking professional quality flow arts performance props and official Flowtoys distributor in South Africa.  Duncan and the team also offer some Juggling Sticks and Poi workshops amongst a list of others.  

A variety of community products from Flow DNA is available in store!

community products available in-store only
community products available in-store only




Lisa says “Freedom clothing is for fun – lots of it ! The clothing is fun, a tad crazy at times and completely individual. To ensure the uniqueness of the range, we are only going to launch a few of each creation every few weeks, and you can order from the catalogue, and be sure that no one will ever be seen in the same freedom outfit as the one your are wearing. There maybe similar designs, but the fabric and hand dyeing will ensure that they remain different to each other at all times. The clothes are just as the name depicts – Free, soft natural fabrics, cool and ALWAYS comfortable to wear. You have to, and will, feel the complete FREEDOM when wearing our clothes.”  

Visit us today to come see what Freedom clothing adds to the Community products available in store!

Watch this space as we add more Local Artists to our community!

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