Welcome To Connect and Flow

The Beginnings

It all started with a hula hoop.

A simple plastic toy, began a roller coaster ride of new friendships, new skills and amazing experiences.

When my wife, Corette and I realised the huge effect the flow arts where having on us and our family, we had to try and share it.

In February 2014 Connect and Flow was born.

Starting off primarily hooping, we gave classes, did workshops and performed at events. We also started making and selling hoops. Time went by and  consistently new toys where picked up and played with. Helping with World Hoop Day, being part of the Flow Arts Commune at Afrikaburn, all sorts of weird gigs and events, all the time meeting new people and seeing new places.

Real life kicked in with me looking for a new job. Trying to be/do something different than a computer jockey, I started working at EarthDNA in Plumstead.

My friend Shaz, had opened up this little “Touch of Fae” shop which stocked Crystals (I’d started collecting these years ago, so had some basic knowledge), Books (I love books, and am a ferocious reader), and all sorts of other knick-knacks that I was to get to know over the course of the next three years.

In March 2017 Shaz closed down EarthDNA and after some soul searching and financial research, Corette and I decided that we could give it a go.   We kicked into gear, and now we are officially business owners!  Connect and Flow started trading on 1 April 2017!

Why Connect and Flow?

We are a firm believer in the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.  Connecting people, activities and energies is beneficial to the whole community and that resonates with us.

We’ve seen this in the Flow Arts community over the last 5 years.  Everyone that goes out and shares the flow arts, creates opportunities, not just for them, but for the bigger community.  We hosted a fire jam on the beach, which created opportunities such as workshops, classes, performances and more for Flow artists throughout Cape Town by connecting performers and spectators. Being part of the Flow community has also taught us to not stress about things too much, and that “going with the flow” is perfectly OK 😉

So the philosophy in a nutshell – “The more connections we make, the more everything will flow.”

Why the “Frequency Altering Products”?

Realising that we needed more than just flow toys to touch even more lives, we expanded our Connect and Flow philosophy to include other things in our lives that we had experienced to have had an effect on our moods, our frequencies or energies.

A book that changes the way you think about something, a cup of tea that calms you down, or getting lost in the music with your hoop. These are things we can use to gently “tweak” our moods, frequencies and energies.

We will bring new products and ranges on board, as our knowledge and experience and contacts grow and hope that you will join us on this journey.

Meet Our Team

Wayne Barham
Wayne BarhamOwner
Corette Barham
Corette BarhamOwner