What Does New Age Mean?

There is not too much that is New about the “New Age”. Borrowing from sources old and new, using the latest scientific techniques, as well as ancient practices to find the healthiest and “lightest” approach to living life.

Sometimes referred to as Alternative (sometimes as Hippy), some of the practices and ideas have been around for centuries, as apposed to our modern institutions. For example in healthcare, the emphasis would be on the whole patient and what is causing the problem (mental, physical, emotional), and not purely symptomatic.

A collection of religious and spiritual beliefs, mental and physical practices, daily routines and lifestyle, the idea of New Age or Alternative is very personal and tailor made for each individual.

There are plenty of definitions on the web, so taking bits and pieces and adding my own spin, here is our definition of the “New Age” –

A movement characterized by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture and mysticism, with an interest in spirituality, holism, environmentalism and conscious living. – Connect and Flow

It’s a weird, wide and wonderful world, full of unique people…. and everyone has an their own opinion of life, the universe and everything else.

Here is ours……

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