Blue Lace Agate

Agate, Blue Lace

A stone of encouragement and support through communication.
Sign of the Zodiac – Gemini, Pisces

Chakras – Throat
Beneficial for – Self expression, Creativity, Peace, Calming, Healing, Communication, Hope

Botswana Agate

Agate, Botswana

A Soothing, Nurturing Stone. A variety of banded Chalcedony, in the quartz family.
Sign of the Zodiac – Gemini, Scorpio
– Crown, Sacral

Beneficial for – Sexuality, Artistic expression, Self-confidence, Concentration, Perception

Turritella Agate

Agate, Turritella

A Link to Nature and the Past. Contains the remains of  fossilized snails that have been converted into Quartz (silicified).
Sign of the Zodiac – Gemini
Chakras – Base
Beneficial for – Protection, Stability, Fear, Self-Confidence, Eliminates fatigue



Great filtering Stone. From electro-magnetic smog to personal issues, this stone helps to separate things, allowing clarity.
Sign of the Zodiac – Virgo

Chakras – Heart, Throat
Beneficial for – Electromagnetic-smog, Communication, Luck, Joy, Hope, Success



Fossilized tree resin, beautiful and golden, aged well with wisdom and strength from the Earth.
Sign of the Zodiac – Aquarius, Leo

Chakras – Throat,Cleanses all
Beneficial for – Memory, Wisdom, Vitality, Stress, Grounding, Earth Healer



The All Healer or Mind Stone. Useful for all things cerebral, and often linked to sobriety, this is the most common purple stone.
Sign of the Zodiac – Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo
Chakras – Crown, Third Eye
Beneficial for – Addiction, Awareness, Raising vibration, Stress relief, Headaches, Dreams



The Stone of Angelic calm. Formed from compressed Celestite, this stone facilitates access to higher vibrational information.
Sign of the Zodiac – Aquarius

Chakras – Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Beneficial for – Peace, Compassion, Understanding, Communication with higher self, Communication with Angelic Realms, Removes Blockages



An excellent remover of blockages, this is a great stone for manifestation.
Sign of the Zodiac – Gemini, Libra

Chakras – Throat, Third Eye
Beneficial for – Self confidence, Weight loss, Clarity, Meditation, Intuition, Creativity

Aventurine, Blue

A good Leadership stone, this one will help you get things done!
Sign of the Zodiac - Aries, Virgo

Chakras - Throat, Crown, Third Eye
Beneficial for - Throat, Addictions, Clearing stagnant energy, Intuition, Meditation, Masculinity, Vitality, Decisiveness

Green Aventurine

Aventurine, Green

Good for growth and vitality, this is an excellent stone of Opportunity.
Sign of the Zodiac – Heart

Chakras – Taurus, Virgo
Beneficial for – Growth, Confidence, Healing, Abundance, Vitality, Stress reducing

Peach Aventurine

Aventurine, Peach

Good for stress, and good for creativity, making this a good stone to have around the office.
Sign of the Zodiac – Aries
Chakras – Heart
Beneficial for – Calming, Creativity, Blood, Circulation

Yellow Aventurine

Aventurine, Yellow

Working with the Solar Plexus, Yellow Aventurine is great for Self-empowerment.
Sign of the Zodiac – Sacral, Solar Plexus

Chakras – Aries
Beneficial For – Self reflection, Confidence, Visions



Great for all aspects of the heart and blood, such as Courage and Vitality.
Sign of the Zodiac – Aries, Libra, Pisces
Chakras – Sacral, Heart
Beneficial for – Detoxifying, Healing, Grounding, Blood disorders, General health, Dispel negative energy, Courage, Vitality



This stone will send negative intent back to it’s source.
Sign of the Zodiac – Leo
Chakras – All
Beneficial for – Focus, Protection, Grounding, Creativity, Reflect negative energy

Honey Calcite

Calcite, Honey

Need more Zest for Life? This beautiful stone might work to give you a boost.
Sign of the Zodiac – Cancer, Leo, Pisces

Chakras – Crown, Sacral, Solar Plexus
Beneficial for – Exhaustion, Menopause, Change, Motivation, Balance, Higher self

Yellow Calcite

Calcite, Yellow

Said to clear out old energy/ thought patterns, this stone promotes Hope.
Sign of the Zodiac – Pisces, Sagittarius

Chakras – Solar Plexus, Crown, Sacral
Beneficial for – Anxiety, Happiness, Peace, Soothing