Lockdown… pushing change

It’s Corona time (and no, I don’t mean relaxing with a braai and a dop), the country is in lockdown, and tobacco is not classed essential. That was 7 weeks ago.

What to smoke during lockdown? Not to worry! People have been smoking things for way longer than we have known about tobacco.

Thanks to a Martin that I met many years ago at Africaburn, with his “Holy Roly” tobacco, I have been adding leaves to the smokes I roll for years for a bit of a taste difference. A blend of at least 4 or 5 plants works best for me.

Here is a list of common(for South Africa) smoke-able plants that I use from my garden…..(If you experience any adverse side-affects…uh, stop smoking!)

Tried and tested –

Lavender (Not too much, adjust for strength)
Mints/Catmint (Small amounts, as this is strong. Or put more in and go “Menthol”)
Imphepho (Bulk, unique taste, adjust as needed)
Sage (Bulk, pretty tasteless)
Geranium – Pelargonium (Pelargonium scabrum) (Different flavours, can be strong, adjust to taste.)
Lion’s Tail (Leonotis leonurus) (Small amounts, very strong)
Granadilla/Passionfruit (Bulk, pretty tasteless)
African Wormwood (Small amounts, very strong)

Other plants to try –

Cancer Bush

Geranium - Pelargonium
Lion's Tail
Lion’s Tail

How, when, etc

Harvest early morning on a dry day, just after the dew dries. Only take clean (no chemicals in my garden), un-chewed and disease free leaves.

Process them a bit by taking off stalks (lavender and imphepho), cutting out big veins (granadilla), giving them a wash etc. Then spread them out on a tray or plate (no plastic) and put it in some sun and a breeze. This takes about 2 days in my spot. I then cut mine up pretty fine.

The ability to adjust for taste is cool. Also the fact that it changes with the season and what’s available in the garden.

Let me know of any other plants and/or tips&tricks, and I can add it to the list.

Our buddy Alex the Bush Ninja made this awesome video…check it out for more of a demo….
Herbal Smoking Blends

If the world of weird things to smoke and why interests you, here is a lovely article taking it a step further….
Healing Herbs You Can Smoke (Other Than Cannabis)

Be kind, be safe and happy smoking!