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An A - Z Guide to Gemstones and their properties *While anyone can benefit from the energy of gemstones, they should not be used to replace medical treatment. For a medical condition, please consult a medical practitioner. All pictures are examples only. Gemstones come in all shapes, colours [...]

Love for Flow – Sarah Kate Cummins

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Watch Sarah's video themed "UV LED" above as her final entry to our Love for Flow Video Competition!  Producing videos and shoots, collaborating with other creatives. Gets me so unbelievably excited i cannot even explain! ☺️ It gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me jump out of bed in [...]

Love for Flow – Yolande Beukman

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Watch Yolande's video themed "Dealing with life" above as her final entry to our Love for Flow Video Competition!  Here is my last entry for the Hula Hoop competition.  My video is about my daily anxiety attacks I get and how I deal with it every day. Get [...]

Love for Flow – Erica Nielsen

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Watch Erica's video themed "Elements" above as her entry to Round 2 of our Love for Flow Video Competition!  Get to know her a little better below: How long have you been flowing? I started flowing about 6 years ago now, after taking an initial hoop dance class during university. [...]

Love for Flow – Jeffrey Munks

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GONE SAILING!  Jeffrey had been given the opportunity to follow his music dreams and had to pull out of the competition.  We wish him all the best and know he will be a great hit!  In support, we have added one of his many music videos for you to [...]

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